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connection. intention. spirit.

I began my yoga practice in 2008 as an achy runner, desperately in need of an alternative to pounding miles of pavement each day. Despite my skepticism that “stretching” would do much for me, I quickly found that yoga required a kind of strength and focus that was challenging, energizing, and nourishing all at once. I realized that a consistent yoga practice meant I could stand up straighter, think clearer, and feel better in my body on a daily basis.

I completed my 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training through CorePower Yoga in 2012, and I’ve been teaching regular weekly Power Vinyasa Yoga classes in Denver ever since. Always a student, I participate in workshops & trainings regularly to layer new perspectives and ideas into my practice & teaching. I'm certified in both Yoga Sculpt and Fierce Movement (high-intensity pilates), and love integrating creative and informed strength building into my yoga classes.

For me, yoga is about seeking the place where body meets heart, where physical meets spiritual. I believe our state of being is listening deeply when we move. It’s this process of listening, learning, and adapting that provides a path to the loving resilience we seek on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional. It’s my intention as a teacher to share my own experience of this process through supportive, playful, and balanced classes. I’m here to connect you to your authentic, steady, & heart-driven self. 

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